WARRIOR | 1 Samuel 22:2


And everyone who was in distress, everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was discontented gathered to him. So he [David] became captain over them.

Many times life can be overwhelming. Although guys don’t admit it as much as ladies I know you too get fed up with certain things such as unsupportive wives or girlfriends; disrespectful children; unfair treatment because of the color of your skin and so on. Sometimes you just want to check out; sometimes you do check out.

The men described here with David were going through hell. David rallied them together for a cause that would not only help them but help their community at large. David established his army with these men that others may have disregarded because of their attitudes. He understood their struggles and related to their pain. David decided to provide them with a task and an outlet. During David’s reign as king he led these men to many victories which kept his people safe. He had some of the best warrior’s an army could ever have.

You may be going through hell yourself. Maybe you are frustrated with your circumstances and searching for an outlet. Do what David did and gather a few good men that you can lead in making a difference in your community for the betterment of the community and others. Be a warrior and help develop warriors. Don’t allow your circumstances to overtake you. Instead overtake your circumstances by being a warrior. Your warrior leadership is needed. LivingTheLife for Christ!


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