WAIT | Psalm 130:5


“With all my heart I wait for the Lord to help me. I put my hope in his word.”


Sometimes waiting is annoying. I had to go to the post office for a stamp in order to send off some mail. It was somewhere around 2pm during the week. I expected to walk right up to the clerk and be out in less than 1 minute. As I pulled my car into the parking spot, which I had to wait for but not too long, I could see through the post office window. The line although longer than I had anticipated was moving swiftly. As I walked in I saw all three clerks working their station therefore, immediately thought that I would be out within no time. I was the 7th person in line but I had no worries because it was moving quickly.Two minutes later I was still the 7th person in line. The line had stopped moving as soon as I got in it. Five minutes later I was still waiting in line. I was eager to get to a clerk and get out since my bag holding my laptop was sitting on the seat. I kept watching my car out the window still eager. As the line moved I was even more eager to reach the clerk because I could no longer see out the window in order to keep an eye on my car.

Today’s text talks about waiting on God. Often times when we talk about waiting we accompany it with patients. In fact, when children ask for something and we are not ready to allow them to have it we instruct them to wait. Not to be eager. We expect that they will not beg, bug or nag us for whatever it is that we asked them to wait for. As I studied the word wait in the Hebrew language I came to learn that that’s exactly what waiting is. To be eager for. When we are eager for something we continue to ask for it, we continue to hope for it, our minds are always on that thing.

Are we eager for God to do something that He has already said that He would do? Are we like children constantly asking every chance we get? “Hey God. Is it time yet? What about now?” Are we eager for His return? It’s time to get eager for God. Be like that child. #LivingTheLife



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