It’s graduation season and nothing makes a person more excited when the day to march across the stage has finally arrived. After semesters, years and decades of hard work the graduation day is the time to rejoice, celebrate and reflect. Whether you are graduating from high school, undergrad, grad school or so on I KNOW you are elated! What better way to celebrate your accomplishments than with the people you love? Family and friends.

I attended my sister’s graduation and was saddened when I heard a true but heartache statement made by the president, who was a women by the way, of the college. She congratulated the graduates and recognized the fact that they were their to celebrate and their family and friends were there to celebrate with them too. However, some graduates were there celebrating all by themselves because they did not have the support of family or friends. When I heard that tears welled up in my eyes. What kind of family and friends would not want to be there to celebrate with their graduate? Perhaps the only family member they had were bed ridden, or maybe they lived so far away that they couldn’t afford to be there in person. Perhaps they have no family and friends or their family and friends are jealous of their accomplishments because they have not accomplished their own goals or don’t have goals to accomplish. You know, too many Christians fall into this latter category. I have met some people that will not celebrate the accomplishments of their family and friends because of jealousy. WOW, what a selfish attitude?

“Rejoice with those who rejoice…” Romans 12:15 is letting us know that when someone, no matter who they are, are rejoicing than we should rejoice with them too. To rejoice with others shows love and support. Maybe you want to have love or want to support others but it’s difficult for you to do especially when you focus on what they have and what you don’t have. Change your focus and rejoice with them anyway. I’m sure when you rejoice with them they will rejoice with you.

So, attend that wedding and wish them well. Congratulate them on their promotion. Attend that graduation and shout their name as loud as you possibly can. Don’t rain on their parade. Join in! We can all rejoice and celebrate together. Who do you need to rejoice with during this season? #LivingTheLife


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