Today’s Word | PRESS


As I stretched my arms towards the ceiling I positioned my feet on the floor to get out of bed and start my day with my normal exercise routine. I really didn’t feel up to it so I stopped and thought to myself I could work out later that day or maybe just do half of my normal three miles. I hadn’t worked out for a week since starting back my exercise routine a month ago. I was trying to convince myself to do it later knowing that had I not worked out right at that time then I wasn’t going to do it later. Who was I trying to fool?

My normal exercise routine consisted of walking around my neighborhood for an hour sometimes an hour and twenty minutes. I had many opportunities for shaping my physique as well as raising my heart rate as I climbed approximately four hills, depending on my route that day. Some of the hills were steep and the others were more of a gradual incline. When I first started walking years ago the hills left me out of breath and left my legs feeling like they were ready to pop. When I made it to the top of this one hill in particular I just wanted to lay down and roll back down the hill in order to get home. Now, they were more manageable but they still were no joke. I got out of bed and put on my workout clothes that I had not worn in many months. Just putting those pieces on made me feel a little bit more energized. I had worn sweats the previous weeks. I was now ready to do my full three miles and not compromise.

I enjoyed my exercise routine since it’s not intense to the point where I dread doing it like some of the other workouts I participated in or see my friends participate in. This particular morning though I knew I needed that extra boost. I had not worked out the previous week and I really didn’t want to get out of bed just yet.

As I walked out of my door I started playing Your Destiny by Kevin LeVar & One Sound. The words of that song fueled my energy level and I regained focused to why I needed to exercised daily as well as for my overall life. I placed the song on repeat for the remainder of my 3 miles.

The song starts with these words: “This is not a time to get distracted. This is not a time to go off course. This is not a time to lose your focus. Got a work to do for the Lord and you cannot afford to lose your way. You’ve come too far from where you’ve started. So please, don’t let the time you’ve sown be wasted on things that you’ll later regret.  Wishing you never had once you realize it wasn’t worth it.”

As I worked out I thought about the rewards of a healthy body not to mention that I would be able to fit those clothes that I had sitting packed away in those storage containers from six years or more ago. Yeah, I had started walking these hills almost 4 years before but had not stuck to it daily and eventually stopped all together. As I listened to those words blasting through my earbuds I could envision myself pulling those clothes from the storage container and hanging them back in my closet. This made me press harder and faster up the hills even MORE!

Listening to the words of that song brought many thoughts to my mind such as sticking to my financial plan and not splurging on temporary stuff but saving for investments that matter. I thought about my speaking and writing career that I’m currently building and hustling at daily. I thought about continuing to practice purity and not giving into the urge of having sex with that guy. I thought about practicing self control when it comes to eating and not allowing myself to indulge just to relieve stress or to bring about “comfort”. I thought about cussing out and punching those persons that really deserved it but the Spirit told me not to. I thought about my relationship with God and the decades of reading, studying and living His words. I thought about everything that I had worked towards in order to accomplish a goal. I had more goals to accomplish so I couldn’t give up now nor compromise.

The words of that song allowed my mind to focus on my goals in every area of life. For an hour walk through my neighborhood, up and down those hills that I once thought were intimidating God reminded me of my purpose. I’m not giving up working out. I’m not giving up my purity. I’m not giving up self control. I’m not giving up on my career no matter how slow it is going at the moment.

One of my favorite scriptures is Joshua 1:8. “Always remember what is written in that book of law. Speak about that book and study it day and night. Then you can be sure to obey what is written there. If you do this, you will be wise and successful in everything you do.”

Do you feel like giving up on something? Maybe you’ve tried to lose weight and it’s not working. Maybe you’ve tried to stay pure but your body isn’t. Maybe you are trying to practice more self control and not overeat. Maybe you are in school and thought you would be finished by now. Maybe your business is moving slow. Whatever it may be that you feel like giving up on DON’T. Listen to Kevin LeVar’s song Your Destiny and read Joshua 1:8. In fact, write down Joshua 1:8 and post it in your home or in your office or somewhere you can see it several times throughout the day. Don’t lose focus just because you may not see the mile marker or the end result. Keep PRESSING! #LivingTheLife


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