The Search (2)

Shelley was excited about going out again since she had not been on a date in a year. She was also nervous because this was her first blind date but more so nervous due to her insecurities. After giving birth to Jayvynn, Shelley suffered with the “baby blues” and postpartum depression. She had thoughts of the baby dying, leaving the baby at the mall or just giving the baby to a stranger. This life change came suddenly and Shelley, like many young mothers who had unexpected pregnancies, didn’t know how she would get along nor adjust to her new life. Thankfully Shelley’s mom picked up on her depression and got her the help she needed.

Now that Shelley was overcoming the depression she still felt like no man would want to marry her after having a baby. She felt like she could never be the kind of mother that Jayvynn needed. She felt dumb because she had to dropout of college. She was searching to fill a void she had but didn’t know how. Shelley was a wreck but no one really knew because she put on a great front.

She strutted out to Sean’s car – after receiving his text that he was out front – wearing her stone washed high-waist jeans, her leopard print crop top – which came down to the tip of her belly button since she was so short. She wasn’t comfortable with showing too much skin especially since having Jayvynn. To tie her outfit all together she rocked her brand new red lace-up peep toe booties with the stiletto heel making her petite silhouette pop. Just the look she was going for. Fierce. Not too hoe-ish and not too boring. She called it her “double take in-take” look. Made all the brothers look twice and pull out their phone to capture her beauty.

As she approached the mid-night black, freshly manicured, Ford Mustang Coupe with the 19-inch black wheels, sunroof and deep tinted windows she could hear the bass booming. Must be Bose she thought smiling.

As she got a little closer Sean hopped out making his way around to the passenger side to open her door.

“The car matches the man.” She whispered to herself. “I thought the car was a beauty. The man driving the car is even more beautiful! DANG!”

Sean was 6’ even, caramel complexion, slender physique with a pretty boy face. He rocked skinny black jeans, a gray tee displaying the shoes he was wearing, black and red retro Jordan’s.

She eyed his slender physique with a little disappointment to see that he had a muscle car with no muscles.

A few hours in the gym would get his body built she thought.

She looked at his pretty boy face and thought – he was right. He does look younger than 29.

A few days ago, during their first phone conversation, Sean told her his age. This made Shelley hesitant about going out with him. Tee hadn’t told her he was a lot older than her. She was always interested in older men but not 10 years older. She figured she would give it a try and besides she wasn’t doing anything else that night.     

“Shelley it’s finally good to meet you in person,” Sean said as he took her by the hand helping her into the car.

His voice was slightly different than what she remembered over the phone. It was deeper. The bass in his voice caused her heart to thump.

She took his soft warm hand and made her way into the car.

“Yes finally,” Shelley responded with a smile that lit up the night. She smoothed her tongue over her teeth making sure to clear any red lipstick that may have found its way on her teeth after smiling so wide and for so long.

Sean shut the door as Shelley checked out the inside of his car.

“Leather seats. Nice. Yup I knew it was Bose. Oh yes! I need to drive this!” Shelley expressed as Sean made his way around to the driver side. Shelley was excited as if it were her car. In fact, she loved cars ever since her childhood days. Being the only child she was her dad’s little helper. He called her Shelley the magnificent mechanic. Her dad would purchase broke down hoopties, buckets, and lemons transforming them into beauties. Her favorite car transformation was the 60’s Mustang all black leather seats which her dad still had.

Sean hopped into the driver’s seat and turned down the music. He adjusted his seat and opened the sunroof.

“I used to live out this way for five years, like 15 years ago. Four blocks over on Balboa Ave.” He said fastening his seat belt.

Shelley looked at him with a smile thinking, 15 years ago I was 4 and you were just about a grown man. Maybe I should get out the car now because he just made me feel like I’m on a date with my dad. Is he going to talk about the good ‘ol days?

“15 years ago –

“Yeah.” Sean said cutting Shelley off. “You were still in diapers.” They both laughed.

“Naw, I was in pull-ups at that age. I don’t think they had come out with those yet when you were a toddler?” Shelley retorted laughing even louder.

“Good one Shelley. I see you have a sarcastic side. I like that in my ladies.” Sean said as he stared her in the eyes.

“How much did you pay for your car?” Shelley quickly reacted rubbing her hand over the dashboard breaking the intense eye contact.

“Why? Do you plan on reimbursing me?”

“No but I have plans to drive it. It’s a beauty.” Shelley said.

Sean laughed putting the car into drive, gently accelerating and lowering the windows slightly to help circulate the air flowing through the opened sunroof. She gazed at him as he looked forward waiting for a response other than a laugh. He looked back at her and winked.

“I have something else you can drive.”



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