SUNSHINE | John 10:10


My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”


My favorite season of the year is summer. The sun rises early and sets late. I get to enjoy more outdoor activities and nothing compares to a beach vacation. There is nothing like a summer day full of sunshine and beauty. Yeah, it get’s hot but that doesn’t bother me. I enjoy every sunny day for the life that it gives and the benefit it offers.

A few summers ago I had blood work done and the doctor informed me that my vitamin D was extremely low. Vitamin D often drops during the winter months since the skin is not exposed to the sun as often. Good thing it was summer. I would put on my shorts, tank top, flip flops, sunglasses and sun hat and sit in my beach chair on the deck each day for approximately 15 minutes. The rays from the sun allows the body to produce vitamin D. The rays felt great shining on my legs and it didn’t hurt any because I needed the tan. I did this for most of the summer allowing my vitamin D to rise back to a healthy level.

When I think about the sun and the rays I’m reminded of today’s text. Jesus was speaking to the crowd about shepherd’s and their sheep. He identified Himself as The Good Shepherd. At that time many men had career’s as shepherds. Any good shepherd knew that he had to protect his sheep from thieves. Yes, a thief will steal anything. Sheep are very valuable for their wool. They are one of the few animals that can make it’s owner a profit without having to be slaughtered. At night time the shepherds would gather their sheep into an enclosed area and would often sleep among their sheep so that thieves would not come in to steal them. Sometimes thieves would get into the sheep fold stealing, killing and destroying the sheep. Jesus iterated that He came not to take life like the thieves but he came to produce life. Just as the ray’s hits our bodies and allows our body to produce vitamin D so does Jesus hit our spirits in order to produce life in us. He came to rejuvenate us and refresh us. Sit under the ray’s of Jesus daily. He will rise your spirit to new healthy levels. Take some time today to read the full chapter of John 10 and watch how it refreshes your life. #LivingTheLife



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