STEPS | Proverbs 16:9


“We can make our plans but the Lord determines our steps.”


During my college days at Virginia State University (VSU) I was in need of additional financial aid. I searched the internet for scholarships and grants but I found none. The monthly payments seemed as if they came around every two weeks. As the semesters passed by it was becoming more difficult for my mother to continue to make the necessary payments to keep the university from dropping my classes and evicting me from the dorm. I remember receiving a notice one day that the bill had not been paid and I would only have a certain amount of time before I needed to move out. I cried. I didn’t want to leave VSU, my new friends, my new living space and those mmm mmm good omelets for breakfast. So I searched again, hoping to find something but nothing turned up.

After a year and a half of attending VSU I took some time off but a few semesters later I was excited to return. I remember riding to school that fall semester ready to move back into the dorm with such hope praying that this time the school would have more money to offer me. My plan was to register, receive more money from the school and move into the dorm. I was ready! I got out the van and saw the long registration lines but that didn’t bother me. I was that excited to be back at VSU. The day was going by swiftly. Finally, it was time to talk money with the financial aid office. How much would they have? I thought. Like before the monthly school bill would still be too much for my mother to pay. I was devastated. Instead of unloading the van and moving back into the dorm I had to return home. I had to leave the school that I had grown to love. As we drove off the campus to start the 2 ½ journey back home I cried myself to sleep. I wanted nothing more than to go back and graduate from college.

A few days had passed and I was still sad about having to leave VSU. I had no idea what I was going to do. The fall semester for the majority of colleges were starting within days making it too late for me to enroll anywhere else. My mother suggested I apply at a local private school, Columbia Union College (CUC). The summer after graduating high school I enrolled in their summer class program where I received my first three college credits but I didn’t want to go back. However, my mother insisted. I called the school and to my surprise they were still accepting applications for the fall semester, so the next day I stepped foot on the campus and enrolled in school. I completed the application package and was accepted on the spot. Afterwards, I made my way over to the financial aid office and the financial aid award superseded that of VSU. The entire year was paid for. I was amazed but I still didn’t want to attend school there. I had planned to only attend for one year and then transfer out to another state school. Three years later I was a proud graduate of CUC.

Proverbs 16:9 says it planly. We make plans for our lives but the Lord determines our steps. As I reflect back on my college journey I see clearly how God determined my steps. I wanted nothing more than anything but to become a college graduate. My plan was to graduate from VSU but God determined that it would be CUC. As much as I prayed to go back to VSU God wanted me to be at CUC. For it was at CUC my relationship with God grew and I discovered my purpose in life. My plan of graduating college was accomplished just in a way that I had not considered.

You may be wondering why a particular situation isn’t working out for you. You may be praying, fasting and praying some more. It could be that God has another way of working it out for you that you have not considered. Take the time right now to stop whatever it is that you are doing and talk to God about the steps He want you to take. You wont regret it. I know I didn’t. #LivingTheLife


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