Spring Into Your Next Season

It’s March already and Spring is finally here! It doesn’t quite feel like it outside though; well at least not here in the DMV area.

It’s a beautiful sunny day but the wind is fierce making the temperatures feel like a winter 41° day.

Sometimes dating can be much like this weather fierce, cold and finicky. As I sit here in my comfy, cozy spot writing this article I’m enjoying the view of trees blowing in the wind while feeling the sun rays kiss my beautiful black skin waiting until the day that I can enjoy the sun in warmer weather.

What are you waiting on? Maybe you’re waiting on him to propose. Perhaps to find Mr. Right or Ms. Right. The signs in your life doesn’t reveal that it’s going to happen anytime soon, huh? Well, those signs are just for this season not for next season.  

Here are 3 tips to make sure you spring into the next season of your dating life:

  1. Fast from complaining. Do you ever get tired of hearing people complain? I know I do. Are you complaining about not being married at your age? Fast from complaining simply because it ain’t going to change nothing. In fact it’s only going to make you rush the process and possibly become stressed, depressed or both. How do you fast from complaining? Well, every time you hear yourself complain stop immediately and repeat to yourself “stop complaining”. Instead of complaining do something that will resolve your complaint.
  2. Don’t rush the process. Too often we try to rush the process and mess ourselves up. I like chicken and I would not dare eat a piece of chicken before it was thoroughly cooked thru. I’m sure you wouldn’t either. If I did eat the chicken before it was ready I would poison myself with some sort of salmonella bacteria and I’m positive I would regret it later. Don’t rush getting into that relationship simply because you want to be a girlfriend, bae or even married. When we rush the process we end up missing important steps as well as important character traits we need not to overlook. In order not to rush things set up your personal boundaries and stick to them.      
  3. Refocus your view. Focus is everything in life. It determines how you see everyday life. If you are focused on being married then I’m sure you are missing out on all the other great things life has to offer. This isn’t to say that marriage isn’t a good thing but it is to say that marriage is not “life”. It’s a part of life. Refocusing on what you have will help you enjoy life much more. Sometimes singles can really miss out on life as a single because our focus is wrapped up on a fantasy marriage. Yes fantasy. I’m not telling you to lose sight of your desire to marry but I am telling you not to focus solely on that desire as if nothing else in life matters. In order to refocus your view get a life that includes being productive.  

These three tips are not for you to lose hope in one day being able to create a prosperous and successful relationship. In fact, these three tips are to supply you with hope in becoming a better you for that relationship. The relationship you have waited for is on it’s way but until then don’t settle for a life less than. Want more tips and more dating advice? Grab your copy of my book Dating Smart: 9 Tips to Transform Your CRAZY Dating Life on Amazon.


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