REMAIN | Isaiah 40:8


“Grass dies and flowers fall, but the word of our God lasts forever.”


The spring weather brings forth plush green grass and beautiful flowers. People spend hours and big bucks working on their yards. The well manicured lawns get much attention. Some people simply enjoy riding around to view the beautiful yards in their neighborhoods and others. It’s a beautiful yet temporary site. After the summer is gone these beautiful flowers and plush green grass fade away. Some people spend more money on their yards then they do in time with God.

Today’s text reveals that God’s word will last forever unlike grass and flowers. Sometimes we tend to place our happiness and joy in material things that come and go. We place trust in things that can be replaced. God’s word is eternal and everlasting. His word will always make us happy and joyous. Material things whether house, car, job, money will deteriorate, rotten or be replaced. These things may be beautiful to behold but their beauty will fade. The beauty of God’s word remains. When the house is in foreclosure, God’s word remains. When the children leave home, God’s word remain. When death of a love one comes by, God’s word remain. When you get fired from your job, God’s word remain. When everything around you seem to be going wrong, God’s word remain.

What are you placing your hope in? What is most beautiful to you? Remember that God’s word remain. #LivingTheLife



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