QUALIFIED | Acts 4:13


“The Jewish leaders understood that Peter and John had no special training or education. But they also saw that they were not afraid to speak. So the leaders were amazed. They also realized that Peter and John had been with Jesus.”


I was the second out of seven children to attend college although I am the second to the youngest child. I come from a family where it was a must to complete high school but anything beyond that was up to the individual. The options were get a job or go to school. I decided to go to school in order to continue my education because even back then I didn’t want to work for anyone if I could help it. So, college it was. Now, I didn’t only attend college because I didn’t want to work for someone but I wanted to become a defense attorney and some day possibly a judge. I made sure to take my education seriously the second time around since I had slacked in high school and since it was costing my parents a lot of money. I applied myself diligently, read many and I mean many books, wrote just as many papers and created even more memories. I enjoyed learning so much that I went on to complete a master’s and I’m really contemplating obtaining my Ph.D.

There is much emphasis placed on higher education in today’s culture. Jobs that once required only a high school diploma now require a four year college degree. Gone are the days when a high school diploma was good enough for a government job. Higher education has turned into a “club” that discredit other forms of education. Too often we believe that if we don’t have a piece of paper with an official stamp and seal then we are not qualified.

In today’s text Peter’s and John’s (official disciples of Jesus) knowledge of God was discredited because they were not Pharisees nor formally educated by a Pharisee. The Pharisees were the religious leaders that went to school to study God’s word in order to teach everyone else. Similar to that of a pastor today. Being a former seminarian myself I’m sure the Pharisees spent hours upon hours and years studying the scriptures in order to be equipped to teach others. They looked down on Peter and John as less than however Peter and John spent 3 ½ years with Jesus the son of God himself. What better person to have as a teacher? Peter and John may have not received the formal education that the Pharisees received but they were “sho nuff” qualified to tell others about Christ.

What are you qualified to do but may not have the paper with stamp and seal? The skills that you have learned along the way, the reading you have completed, the time you’ve invested makes you qualified. Don’t allow not having a formal education stop you from sharing God’s word or starting your own business. You may not be qualified according to people’s standards but you’re qualified according to the standards of God. If you have spent time studying His word then share what you have learned with others. Just because you may not have attended bible college doesn’t mean you cannot preach and teach the Word of God. When you’ve been with Jesus day in and day out you’re qualified to perform the task that He has set before you. No amount of formal education can compare to being taught by God himself.

Now, your education may be self taught but because our culture values formal education work towards obtaining a paper with the stamp and seal.

Peter and John were qualified to tell others about Christ because of their relationship with Christ. You’re qualified too if you have a relationship with Christ. #LivingTheLife


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