PROMISE | Hebrews 7:25


“Christ can save those who come to God through him. Christ can do this forever, because he always lives and is ready to help people when they come before God.”


There is a cliche that states “God help those that help themselves.” Some Christians will quote this thinking that they are quoting the Bible but don’t realize that they are just quoting their grandma who quoted her grandmother. This common used cliche is not biblical, however it can make sense in certain cases. I understand this cliche to mean that we must do our part and God will do His part. For instances, when Joshua became leader over the children of Israel God told Joshua that in order to have good success and to be prosperous he must not depart from the Book of the Law (Joshua 1:8). God expected Joshua to do his part by uphold His law. If Joshua allowed God’s leading to govern his life God promised him prosperity and great success. When we are in need of a job we must search for that job. It’s not just going to drop in our laps. As we do our part God does His part.

On the flip side, God will also help those that cannot help themselves. In today’s text the writer of Hebrews explains that Christ can save those who come to God through him. This is a promise. We weren’t able to save ourselves from sin, therefore we needed Christ to do that for us. The writer of Hebrews compares Christ to the Old Testament priest who would offer sacrifices for the people sins. The priest had the role of what I would consider a “middle man” or go between. He stood between God and people as the figure who went to God on people’s behalf. There were many priest for the nation of Israel. They were never without. However, these priest died like any other person but the work of going to God still needed to be done. Once Christ came and died on the cross for our sins there were no more need for an earthly priest, who would eventually die anyway, since Christ could now be our lifelong heavenly priest. He had already died and would die no longer. The responsibilities of performing the priestly duties now transferred over to Christ. We no longer need to go to a man sitting behind a wall instead we can go directly to God since Christ is now our priest.

Do you need help? When we come to God we are promised right here in this text that we will get that help. Christ will rescue us from danger; heal us from our sickness; restore broken souls. Christ lives to help us all we need to do is come to God through Him. #LivingTheLife


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