MORE | Matthew 9:6, 7


“So Jesus said to the paralyzed man, ‘Stand up. Take your mat and go home.’ The man stood up and went home.”


Everyday while driving I will see someone standing on the side of the road with signs that read “Homeless. Please help. God bless you” or “Lost job. Need food. God bless you.” Sometimes I give money and sometimes I offer food. This one guy I offered food to turned it down. I felt some kind of way about him not taking my food. Here I am doing him a favor and he rejects it. I guess everyone who stands on the street “begging”isn’t necessarily hungry.

Have you ever encountered people asking for help on the streets? Have you ever thought to ask them what is it that they need instead of just giving them what you think they should have? Like I said earlier maybe everyone “begging” on the streets aren’t hungry.

In today’s text a man that could not walk was brought to Jesus by a group of people. Jesus saw that the guy couldn’t walk therefore Jesus gave him more than what he came for. He healed his legs so that He could walk and forgave him his sins. I’m sure if this many was on the streets begging people would have offered him money or food. That’s nice but that wasn’t what he really needed. This man needed physical healing above anything else and Jesus gave that to him.

Jesus touch people where they need it the most. Do we do the same? If we really take time to care about those in need we will realize that we have more to offer than just money or food. Some of us have resources and connections with others that can perhaps help a homeless person obtain a roof over their head or a jobless person to get a job. Next time you encounter a person standing on the street begging, ask them what is it that they really need. You may be able to offer them more than what you use to. Take your spiritual walk to the next level. #LivingTheLife



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