LISTEN | Proverbs 13:10


“Pride causes arguments, but those who listen to others are wise.”

Do you know anyone who swears up and down they are always right but they’re really always or at least most of the time wrong? I know I do. A friend of mine had dissembled a bookcase in order to move it to another part of my house. Once all the pieces were moved the reassemble started. The directions were long gone so all they could do was go based on memory since no picture was taken before disassembling the bookcase. As I saw him putting the bookcase back together I noticed that some shelves were not going in the proper place. I suggested him to move a few pieces around but he insisted that he knew what he was doing. I doubted that and just kept looking at him assembling the bookcase wrong. Since it was my bookcase I knew where certain pieces were to go. 30 minutes later the bookcase was still not together. I stepped in again suggesting where the pieces should go. This time he took my suggestions. He realized that I knew what I was talking about especially since I did remind him that the bookcase did belong to me. Other times he has not been so open to my suggestions. In the end he wished he had listen. Now, I don’t always get everything correct and I don’t always listen but I’m learning to do so daily.

In today’s text it uses that word that many Christians ignore, PRIDE. Prideful people often ignore advice because they feel like they know everything. They feel like their way is the only way. When someone offers them advice they become defensive and sometimes rude. A friend offered another friend some helpful advice about speaking respectful to others. The friend didn’t want to hear it and retorted back “this is who I am.” An argument erupted and the friendship became distant. The friend continued to speak disrespectful to other and disregarded the advice.

Prideful people either accept advice or reject advice. Are you prideful? We all can be this way at times. Examine yourself. In fact ask a close friend of yours if you are prideful. Tell them to be honest. If they say yes ask them to recount a moment when you were proudful. Listen attentively to what they have to say. Don’t argue with them just listen. Take it in, think about it and assess what you should do when in that moment again. Check yourself often so that you can become less prideful and more wise. #LivingTheLife



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