JUDGEMENT | Matthew 7:1


“Don’t judge others, and God will not judge you. If you judge others, you will be judged the same way you judge them. God will treat you the same way you treat others.”


In life we make judgments on many things. Such as which college to attend. The kind of person to date or marry. The neighborhood or type of car to drive. The kind of friends we select and so on. Judging is simply making a decision based on the evidence presented. Sometimes we make good judgments other times we make bad judgments.

Today’s text is often misunderstood. We read this text as to tell people not to look at our flaws or we use it to indirectly communicate to others that they should leave us alone and let us do what we want to do. The word judge here speaks “Of those who judge severely (unfairly) finding fault with this or that in others.” Are you quick to find fault in people or things? This unfair judgement is expressed with no intent to impart knowledge or offer correction for the one being judged. It’s basically pointing the finger at another without even considering that we have faults too. It may not be the same fault as the person we are pointing the finger at but none the less it’s a fault. This kind of judgement usually comes in the form of gossip. The one being judged doesn’t know that they are being judged. Furthermore, in context this verse is understood that the one judging cannot judge because they have a bigger issue that they have not dealt with themselves. However, once that bigger issue has been dealt with then help can be offered to the one being judged.

Who or what are you constantly finding fault with? A child. A friend. A spouse. A company. This text invites us to deal with our faults so that we can help others through their faults. As we overcome our sins let us help someone else to overcome too instead of sitting back judging, i.e. talking about them. If we can’t help them then let’s not talk about them. #LivingTheLife



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