Each morning I go for my 3 mile walk around my neighborhood. I walk 30 minutes one way and then 30 minutes back. One spring morning as I was making my way back home I noticed a honeysuckle shrub lining the sidewalk where I was walking. Immediately, childhood memories flooded my mind.

Growing up we had a honeysuckle shrub positioned in the front yard of our house. Each summer my siblings and I would excitingly pick the honeysuckles and eat the sweet nectar from inside. We couldn’t resist the beautiful bright yellow and white goodness. Each summer ment honeysuckle feast time. We even gladly invited our neighborhood friends over to join in the summer feast.

The fragrance of honeysuckles are delightful and their nectar is sweet. As I approached the shrubs that morning I thought about picking one just to see if it tasted the same. They still smelled the same and looked the same, I thought. However, instead of tasting one I decided to snap a picture and just reminisce.

You know, our words too carries a fragrance and nectar like honeysuckles. Proverbs 16:24 says “Kind words are like honey; they are easy to accept and good for your health.” When we speak people should want to feast on our words and look forward to what we have to say. Instead some of our words are nothing that anyone would want to feast on. If kind words are like honey and good for our health than mean words must be like poop and bad for our health.

I’m more cautious of the words I speak these days since I know this to be true. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get angry it just means that I respond tactfully. Our words can give life or they can destroy life. Our children, our friends, our spouse, and so on will remember the words that we speak to them whether like honey or like poop. I’m sure that you remember words that others spoke to you. How did they make you feel? My goal is to speak more words that are like honeysuckles; a sweet fragrance, sweet nectar and beautifully shaded. What words have you spoken lately? Words like honey or words like poop? #LivingTheLife


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