GENTLE | Matthew 5:5


“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”


Have you ever been told that you are aggressive? Recent studies show that females are more aggressive these days. Whether if they are pursuing a guy because she wants to date him or if she is pursuing a business deal. Part of the more aggressive female stem from the independent woman mindset. Now there is nothing wrong with making our own money and taking care of ourselves but some females with this mindset place males in the category of less than she is. Another part of the more aggressive female stem from males placing us in the less than category therefore,  we strive to prove to them that we can do the same things they can and better. Some women tend to emasculate men which causes for more aggression.

Many aggressive women are the woman that likes to control things. Now, there is nothing wrong with taking control when necessary but an aggressive controller is dangerous. Believe me I know. I have been in a few verbal and physical fights and they weren’t all with females. As I’ve matured I have learned to be more gentle than aggressive. Gentleness is not just something that aggressive females should learn but also aggressive males.

Today’s text advise us to be meek. The word meek does not indicate weakness as some may think. In fact it means gentleness. In other words the text can read like this: Happy are the gentle… When we are gentle with others they are more receptive of us. We have better relationships with our spouse, friends and family. We also tend to be more calm in the thick of things and have the ability to think things through. Remember gentleness does not mean weakness. Gentleness means that we are mindful of how we say and or do things. Gentleness mean that we produce positive results and gain friendships. Are you too aggressive with your spouse or children; with coworkers or friends? Do people run away from you or towards you? Have people ever told you that you are too aggressive? Next time someone does something that pushes you to be aggressive stop to think of a way to gently respond if responding is necessary. Give it a try now. Think of some ways that you can request something in a gentle way that you may need and or want to happen. Seek to be gentle because with gentleness we will inherit much. #LivingTheLife



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