FREE | John 8:36


So if the Son liberates you [makes you free men], then you are really and unquestionably free. John 8:36 (AMP)

Google defines free as “release from captivity, confinement, slavery.” These terms are familiar and understood by our culture today as we relate them to slavery of all sorts. Physical slavery, mental slavery and spiritual slavery. The aftereffect of such continues to permeate through our generations and keep us in bondage to a way of life and known sins.

In John 8 a woman was bound by her desire to be wanted by a man. She was busted for having an affair. Just as she was getting her freak on a few peeping Toms popped out of nowhere and took her “as is” to the Temple to be punished – at least they thought – by Jesus. Mind you the Temple was packed with children, women and men. Here this woman was in the midst of the crowd most likely butt naked. For sure she was embarrassed, ashamed and scared. The sin that had her bound was now exposed and all eyes were on Jesus to see what He was going to do.

“I don’t condemn you. Go and sin no more,” He said. What a response to a woman who was knocking boots with another woman’s man. Jesus knew He didn’t have to bring her sin to light because that had already been done. He also knew that she knew that she was wrong for hooking up with a man that did not belong to her. So instead of scorning her more, He knew that she needed to be set free from the sin that bound her.

Are you just like this woman in John 8? Bound by the desire to be wanted by a man. Giving it up thinking that this guy would love and treasure you more.

As women we mistakenly search for our worth in guys only to realize later that we are less worthy than before because we give up our bodies. We encounter broken bones, baby daddies, STDs and more. We want to sever the ties that we have with these men but we can’t. We are bound to them through sex. We want to stop the cycle but it has a hold on us.

Our great grandmothers were bound by it and our grandmothers succumbed to it. Our mothers gave in to it, all the while no one ever talked about it so we accepted it as normal. For generations we have thought that sex with him, him and him was liberating. Until casual sex led us to Him, Jesus. The one who set us free from our sin.

Ladies be bound no longer. Don’t call him back. Don’t sleep with him. Don’t go out with him. No longer do we need to give it up for an exchange of a dinner or a Saturday night movie. Tell yourself that you are free. Believe that you are free.

Christ came to set us free. This is why we celebrate this Easter weekend.

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