father's day

Growing up as a young girl I remember my father teaching my siblings and I to drive. He started us off at a young age. He would take us to the local community college parking lot on Sunday mornings. This was during the time when the college didn’t have weekend classes so the parking lot was empty. Driving for an 8 year old was exciting! The car was a 1960’s station wagon, much like the Brady Bunch car. It was red and big therefore we called it the Big Red. After many Sunday lessons my dad became comfortable enough to let us drive the Big Red while he stood outside and video taped. I had no fear in driving such a big car in fact, I was ready to gun it around the parking lot. I had so much fun driving around although it was just in circles.

My dad taught me many, many things in life that has made me the woman I am today. From driving a car to having a genuine relationship with God. I stand strong today because he is the foundation in my life.

Father’s are the foundation of the home. On that foundation stands his children. You are the example of your Creator to your children. God has called you to be the provider that your children need. He has positioned you to be the spiritual guide that will save your children. God has made you the foundation of the home. Father’s you are loved by the ones that call you daddy. Happy Father’s Day! #LivingTheLife


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