EXPECTATION | 1 Samuel 1:10


“Hannah was so sad that she cried the whole time she was praying to the Lord.”


Have you ever been at a place in life where you were more discouraged than ever before? It seemed as if everything was going wrong. Job issues, marital problems, personal insecurities and so on. You called your friends to talk about it but they weren’t available. You tried to read or sleep but that wasn’t helping. You were absolutely miserable.

Hannah was at a point in her life where she was just that, absolutely miserable. She had no one to turn to. Her husband didn’t understand and his other wife made her life hell. Yes I said other wife. During this time in history it was culturally acceptable even in Israel to have several wives. Hannah’s husband, Elkanah, married her first then Peninnah (the other wife) second; most likely because Hannah was not getting pregnant. Yes, this man was married to two women at the same time and they knew about it, lived together and worshipped together. Guys, you might think he was enjoying life with two women but I guarantee you he wasn’t. He dealt with two times the drama and most likely had two times the headaches. As a woman I wouldn’t want to deal with a man’s baby mama drama let alone his additional wife.

Peninnah had several children both sons and daughters. She would constantly rub that in Hannah’s face provoking her severely not just at home but also during their families yearly trip to the feast in Shiloh.

One day during their families sacrifice Elkanah gave portions of meat to his family. He gave a double portion to Hannah. Even during this time Peninnah provoked Hannah to the point that she did not eat. Instead she broke down and cried. I can imagine that Hannah ran from that place to the tabernacle full force non stop where she pleaded with God. Her face smeared with tears, her skin flushed with anger. I’m sure she needed a few kleenex tissues too. Hannah was heartbroken, sad and feeling less than. People in the streets looked on as she flew by wondering what her problem was. As she entered the tabernacle she whisked pass priest Eli sitting by the doorpost and made her way inside. She was so torn down that all she could do were move her lips with no sound coming out of her mouth. Eli watched as Hannah did this thinking that she was drunk. He approached her only to find out that she was not drunk but had been pouring her heart out to God. Afterwards, the priest spoke a comforting word to her and she was at peace.

When you can’t do anything else cry out to God on purpose expecting to receive the peace that your soul is in thirst of. We often pray with the intent to tell God our problems but not expecting to receive His peace for the anguish we experience. Are you like Hannah? Go to God expecting that He will give you the peace that you need for that situation or person that you are dealing with. Expect God to do it! #LivingTheLife  


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