ETERNITY | John 17:3


“And this is eternal life: that people can know you, the only true God, and that they can know Jesus Christ, the one you sent.”


In my early 20’s I remember having a dream of Jesus’ second coming. In the dream I was going through my day like usual. All of a sudden the day turned to night and Jesus appeared in the sky. Everything around was dark. I was afraid and frightened thinking I was on my way to hell. Immediately I woke up thinking about my dream. I don’t want to go to hell, I thought, but would I go to heaven just because I didn’t want to go to hell? No, not at all because heaven is only for those who know God and Jesus. I knew then I wanted to get to know God and Jesus.

As Christians we are often confused on what heaven is. Heaven is the place where God and Jesus is. Heaven isn’t a place that people go just because they don’t want to go to hell. Heaven is a place where believers go because they want to be with God. I had to ask myself, do I want to be with God?  We all enjoy hanging with our closest friends and/or family members because we enjoy each other’s company. We laugh together, reminisce about old times, create new memories, talk to each other and more. As teens we always want to be around our friends so we text, connect on social network, sit together at the lunch table, and spend the night at each other houses. Do you remember not wanting your friends to leave after the sleepover or not wanting to leave your friends house? We wanted to be around each other all the time. Have you ever wanted to go somewhere like a concert but no one you knew was available to go with you? If you are like me then you probably didn’t go. I don’t like going places such as concerts by myself even though other people will be there. The other people wouldn’t matter to me because I wouldn’t know them. There is comfort in being around people that you know.

Today’s text tells us that eternal life is to know God and Jesus. That means to have a real friendship with them. To know God isn’t just hearing other’s talk about Him in church or reading post on Twitter and Facebook. To know God and Jesus is to experience them, interact with them and connect with them. That starts with us talking to God everyday, listening to God and reading and applying His word, the bible, to our everyday lives. It’s not until we start doing these things then we will know God and know Jesus. As a person that knows God and Jesus and continues to get to know them daily I’m no longer concerned about going to hell. Eternal life is only for those who know God and Jesus. Do you know them? You can get to know them. Talk to them right now. Take time to read all of John 17. Allow the text to come to life by imagining that you are right there when Jesus first spoke those words. Eternity is yours. #LivingTheLife


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