CONFIDENCE | Joshua 1:8


“Always remember what is written in that book and study it day and night. Then you can be sure to obey what is written there. If you do this, you will be wise and successful in everything you do.”


Have you ever seen the advertisements that claim to make you richer or more successful? All you have to do is purchase their product, attend their seminar or apply a few easy steps to your life. Perhaps you became that Mary Kay consultant or that Insurance Agent selling insurance over the phone. You may even purchased the kit that guided you step by step to becoming richer. Whatever it was it didn’t work for you. Now, I’m not saying that these advertisements are not true. They work for some but not for all. You have searched high and low looking for your thing that will make you successful in life. You may have even questioned “What is my purpose in life? How can I really become successful?” Your answer lies in Today’s Word.

I discovered this text during my studies in graduate school. I would often ask God if graduate school was the place I was suppose to be? Did He really want me to have a career in the youth and young adult field? How was I going to make it in such a field? What would I do? Where would I work? The questions were endless. I was sure that God wanted me there but then on the other hand I wasn’t sure. Have you ever been there before? Believing but doubting? I prayed and I prayed and then I came across Joshua 1:8. This text gave me LIFE. CONFIDENCE. REASSURANCE. I was now sure that God wanted me in that graduate program and that He wanted me in the field to reach youth and young adults. Since graduating from grad school God has expanded my reach to now include women of all ages.

In Joshua chapter 1 God is calling Joshua to step up. I’m sure Joshua was uncertain about this new role that God was calling him to. For decades he had been Moses assistant in leading the people of Israel during their years in the desert. Moses was now dead and Joshua would step into the leadership role and lead the Israelites into the land that God had promised them decades before. If I had to lead millions of people I would be a little uncertain too. God was able to encourage Joshua’s uncertainty. Joshua had doubts about being strong enough to do such a task. He had doubts about being successful. He had doubts all around. Does that sound like you? God’s words to Joshua in verses 7-9 gave him LIFE. CONFIDENCE. REASSURANCE. God instructed him to be strong and courageous more than once. He promised him prosperity and success if he meditated and applied God’s word to his life continuously day and night. God didn’t want him to fulfill Moses’ shoes God wanted Joshua to walk in his own shoes with Him.

Has God called you to do something but you are afraid because you don’t know how it is going to play out? Take these words in Joshua 1:8 and apply them to your life. Get into God’s word continuously day and night. Are you waiting to know what God is calling you to do? Take these words in Joshua 1:8 and apply them to your life. Get into God’s word continuously day and night. Maybe you feel like God is calling you to a lot of things but you don’t know where to start. Start with the end in mind. Meaning. What results do God want you to bring about? You too, take these words in Joshua 1:8 and apply them to your life. Get into God’s word continuously day and night.

We don’t work towards our purpose in life. We live out our purpose in our daily lives. God has called you. Be successful. Be prosperous. Get into His word day and night continuously. #LivingTheLife



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