I sometimes spend a few days a week in the library writing. I like to sit in the most secluded spot possible since I’m easily distracted by every sound or movement. One day I decided to sit at one of the square tables that seated four and positioned next to one of the few outlets in that section. I pulled out my laptop and journal and began working on my blog for that day. About an hour into my work I was interrupted by a guy. He was wearing blue jeans and a white tee shirt carrying a black medium sized over stuffed shoulder bag ripped at the seam. He stood about 5’8”, brown skin, slightly chubby. “Good morning,” he said. “Hey,” I responded looking up briefly from my laptop. “Good afternoon. Good evening,” he kept going. I said “hey” again and smirked trying not to break my train of thought. He stood in front of the shelves holding the magazines thinking out loud about which reading material to choose. I was annoyed at the fact that he was loud but I ignored it since I thought he would choose his magazine selection and leave. Not the case. Instead of selecting a magazine he decided to ask me a question. He walked closer to where I was sitting and started telling me about a play that he was a part of. Mind you I was still engaged in typing and concentrating on my work but he didn’t seem to recognize that.

“Do you like plays? I want you to check out my play. Do you have a pen? I want to write down the name of my play and you can look it up later,” he said. I grabbed my pen from my laptop bag that was seated to my right on the floor between my chair and the leg of the table. As I handed him the pen I noticed that he had overly pudgy hands for his body size. They appeared swollen from some kind of allergic reaction. He accepted the pen and he sat down in the chair across from me. Oh no, he sat down, I thought. I was not looking forward to where he was trying to go. “Do you need some paper?” I asked. “Naw, I got some right here,” he responded. He sat his ripped bag on the table and pulled out a few papers with writing all over it, a worn spiral notebook and a worn journal. I could tell that he used his journal often since the majority of the pages were written on. I went back to typing as he scrambled through his papers.

“Are you writer?” He asked looking at my opened journal positioned next to my laptop. “Yeah,” I responded still looking at my laptop screen. “I’m a writer too. What do you write about?” He asked. By this time I’m fighting to stay focused. I re-read what I had already written hoping to finish my blog before leaving the library. “I’m working on a book about dating,” I shared. “Oh, then you could use my help. Do you want to see a few acronyms?” He asked. I didn’t want to be rude so I said, “Ok.” He removed a sheet of folded paper from the notebook and started writing. I tried to regain focus but as soon as I had tried he then presented me with four acronyms. He read the acronyms off and explained what they stood for. “If you use these make sure you say who gave them to you,” he said with much hope. “Ok” I responded leaving the paper on the table where he had placed it. “Thank you for that. It gave me some ideas. I’ma come up with some acronyms and see if they work in my book,” I continued. He put the paper that he had written the acronyms on back in his bag. I’m sure he realized that I wasn’t interested in using the ones he suggested. I quickly went back to typing hoping that he would leave now but he didn’t.

He started writing again this time in the worn journal. As he wrote he mumbled to himself and laughed a little. I could tell that he was excited about what he was writing. No sooner then I started typing he started talking again. “Ooo listen to this,” he bellowed with excitement. Perhaps he forgot that we were in the library. Many times I wanted to inform him to quiet down some but that would have been useless. With great intensity and passion he started reading the poem he had just written. The poem was about him being a good man like good food. He compared himself to KFC chicken, Popeye’s biscuits and many other fast food restaurants and “yo mama’s food”. Perhaps he wanted to spark my interest in him but the only thing I was interested in at the end of hearing his poem was some food. However, overall his poem was decent and it flowed. I smirked and shook my head in affirmation afterwards. Now, all I wanted to do was get back to writing but all he did was to continue to talk. This guy was not going away even though he saw me still trying to stay engaged with typing.

He reverted back to talking about his play on YouTube which by the way he had not written down the title as he was going to do at first. Instead of him writing it down he now wanted me to pull it up on YouTube. I told him no not at this time since I was trying to finish my blog. However, he continued to ask. Again, I nicely informed him that I was really trying to stay focused. I thought by saying that he would realize that I was trying to work and would leave me alone. Insisted he became slightly upset. He started putting me down by attacking my working and telling me that I was arrogant and stuck up. I looked at him ready to fire back but instead I smirked and calmly started packing my things to leave. This dude was straight tripping all because I wouldn’t go to his play on YouTube. Since he didn’t want to leave I decided that I would. Before leaving however, he decided that he would apologize in so many words. I’m sure I gave him the stank look and continued packing. I was done being amused for the day.

Wow, what a distraction! Here it was I sat at the table all the way in the back of the library in order not to be distracted but instead I encountered one of the biggest distraction ever while writing in the library. I’m reminded of 1 Peter 5:8, “control yourselves and be careful! The devil is your enemy, and he goes around like a roaring lion looking for someone to attack and eat.” Well, the devil sure enough attacked that day but he didn’t fest. I didn’t have time to feed into nonsense and foolishness. Has someone tried to verbally attack you recently or distract you from accomplishing an important task? Beware your coworkers may prey on you just to keep you from success. The devil comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. He doesn’t discriminate when trying to discourage you and throw you off your game. Instead of feeding into nonsense and foolishness stay calm and walk away. Beware of any person that wants to put you down, dominate your time, or disrespect your work. They’re not worth your time. #LivingTheLife


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