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Hey there!  I’m Linda D. Lowe. Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming to check me out! So, this is the place where you get to know about me. Where should I start? Ummm, well I’m The Woman’s Life Coach; a Motivational Speaker; an Author and Radio Personality of my new internet radio show The Linda D. Lowe Show “Girl Talk.” 

As a life coach I coach women to a life worth living. I have coached 100+ women in the past 3 years. My motto is: I want to see you thrive in life not just survive. A former boss of mine said those same words to me many years ago and they have stuck with me ever since. Has anyone ever said that to you? Well, if not I’m saying it now. I want to see you thrive in life not just survive! I work with women who are looking to explore new career’s. Women who are stepping out to start their own business. Women who are determined to have great relationships and women who are all about becoming better women.

As a Motivation Speaker I deliver messages that will inspire, encourage and move you into action! What do I speak about? Great question. I cover a variety of topics in a variety of settings (check out my SERVICES). I’ve been told that I have a very captivating speaking style that incorporates teaching information, sharing relatable stories, and helping you retain and apply it all with some laughs. Please let me know what you think after I have spoken for your event.

So, I’m The Woman’s Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and I’m also an author and radio personality. I published a book for singles entitled Dating Smart 9 Tips to Transform Your CRAZY Dating Life. Now, you don’t have to have a “crazy” dating life per se to read my book. You just need to be single.

I also host my new internet radio show, The Linda D. Lowe Show “Girl Talk.” A show for single women to discuss, learn, and share all things pertaining to being a single woman in the 21st century. I also have episode for married women too. Catch the show live every Thursday, 7pm EST. You can watch it live on my Facebook page or on my YouTube channel. You can also listen live at BRITEradio. If you are on the go download the app!

I also blog where I talk about dating/ relationships as well as other topics such as spirituality and parenting. Check out my BLOGS. Subscribe, share, read and enjoy!   

I’ve had people tell me that I’m authentic, genuine, and transparent. I agree. I have discovered my purpose in life and I share that with others. I also help you discover your purpose and live in your purpose. I’m excited about what I do and I absolutely enjoy it! Let me know what I can do for you.

Oh, a little bit about my education and experience. I have my Master’s degree in Youth/Young Adult Ministry, years of leadership experience and experience in teaching at the college level. Overall, I have dedicated myself to this line of work for 12 years. 

P.S. I also love the summer months. I took that selfie on the last day of summer. I was sad to see summer go but excited that a new season was approaching. Are you ready for your new season? Get in contact with me today so that we can make it happen! 


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