3 reasons why the way you live your single life could cause you to become a cheater when you say “I do”

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They say, once a cheater always a cheater. Well, it has some truth to it but that’s only if the cheater continues to do the same things that caused them to cheat in the first place. If the cheater decides that they no longer want to cheat and actually put in the work to live by their decision then they defy the stereotype.

The behavior we consistently practice forms our character and personality. And we all know that the way we practice is the way that we’ll perform. Therefore, when we practice a particular way of life in our singleness we’ll most likely perform the same way in our marriage.

Here are 3 reason why the way you live your single life could cause you to become a cheater when you say “I do”.  

  • You are all for casual sex.
    • Having sex with the one you are dating is a very popular thing to do in dating relationships these days. The more dates the more sex. In fact, sex is just popular even if you are not dating but just want to fulfill the urge. The issue with casual sex, or Netflix and Chill, among singles is it becomes a habit that the brain and body looks forward to and craves. Each time we crave sex we usually get it in order to fulfill that urge. After practicing this behavior for years as a single and up until marriage we continue the same behavior without even thinking about it. Therefore, if your spouse does not perform to the level that you are satisfied with you’ll seek sex elsewhere. Or if you are satisfied with the sex that your spouse is giving you, you still may subconsciously crave the variety that you once had and call up that old bae.     


  • You are all for pornography.
    • Pornography is the silent relationship killer that creates a fantasy of expectations that are unrealistic. Often time singles that may not engage in sex with another physical person because of various reasons will result to pornography thinking that it is ok. In fact, pornography is a form of cheating. Many spouses have expressed their hurt of betrayal because their spouse was into porn. If you ask any married couple that strives to protect the sanctity of their sex life if they would consider porn as an option to include in their “bedroom” I guarantee you they would be opposed to it. Porn ruins the sex life and causes more chaos than pleasure.     


  • You have no self-control.
    • Self-control is critical to life and its function. Without self-control things are chaotic and all over the place. Could you imagine driving on a four way busy highway with absolutely no signals or any other kind of traffic guidelines? There are multiple accidents daily with guidelines. Imagine how life would be without them. No type of order or control on the highway. Self-control now in singleness means self-control later in marriage. Too many couples find themselves in divorce court due to habitual adultery. The stories of how they got there is always because of one factor. The lack of self-control which is driven by a lust issue. Lust is the culprit behind casual sex and the culprit behind pornography. As long as we yield to lust the more we are controlled by it. Lust doesn’t go away just because you say “I do”. It sticks around as long as it is entertained, nurtured, and allowed.   


So, if you want to make sure that you will not become a cheating spouse be sure to cut out casual sex, stop engaging in pornography and practice self-control. Remember the way you practice now is the way you’ll perform later. The single life is not meant to be lived out of control. 

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